Follow the Breathe Back to the Moment

woman with Afro standing in meditation
Photo by Jacob Prose

I use to believe that something was supposed to happen when I meditated. But I just, sat uncomfortably, trying not to focus on anything, while random thoughts jogged through my mind.

But now I kow, meditation is nothing more than relaxing my mind and body to take a moment to remember that I’m breathing. Breathing is a reliable anchor that connects me to the moment and leads me back before I start daydreaming about things I cannot do anything about.

I focus on my upper rib cage and stomach rising and falling. And the breath entering and exiting my body. I will never be able to stop thinking; the key is to gentally swipe them away.

On my last exhale, I realease all the air from my body… focusing on the breath leaving my body and opening me back into the present moment.

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