7 Keys to Staying Mindful

I got in trouble for daydreaming in elementary school. I never grow out of it. Except now, I daydream about how I messed up my past and what tragedy is waiting to pop in my future.

Practicing the following 7 keys helps slow down my thoughts and allows me to spend more time in the present moment.

  1. Non-judgement: do not judge or give value to life’s experiences – nothing is good or bad
  2. Patience: do not try to change the moment – be patient and let it be what it is
  3. Every experience is a new experience: allow all situations to be new and unique – every experience is actually a new experience
  4. Stop Forcing Life: stop comparing yourself to others, trying to catch up – you are good enough just as you are
  5. Acceptance: stop forcing energy into things you can not change – you don’t have to understand it
  6. Let it Go/Let it be: enjoy the moment for what it is – do not think about things that have or will happen
  7. Trust: let go of the need to be in control – everything is how it should be

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